7 October 2015

Social Media – What’s hot & what’s not?

After attending Square Meal Venues and Events exhibition last week we felt inspired to write about all things social.

Social, social, social – where to begin? Over the last few years social networking has exploded with companies pursuing a ride or die strategy when it comes to using or not using social media.

Ed Butcher, Head of Online for Square Meal recommends using a manageable number of different platforms. At Paragon we have the obvious LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. However are currently looking into setting up Periscope following a request asking for us to live stream from our upcoming event – ‘An Evening with the Stars’.

We bet you realise quite how crazy social media had gone, but are you investing in it? Do you measure its success? Do you realise just how powerful it is for your company?

Here are some interesting stats to share with your manager if you’re not already social mediaing (yes we made it a verb).

• 25% of the world’s population had a social media account in January 2015
• In 60 seconds in the same month 277,000 snapchats were sent
• 5 million videos were posted on YouTube

Key trends that Ed talked about were;

#1 Video
#2 Instant messaging
#3 Visibility
#4 Wearables and mobile
#5 Instagram
#6 Payment

The key trends we are going to talk about today are video and Instagram.

#Video… Think about it, firstly you probably have Facebook? So did you browse Facebook on your commute to work or whilst snoozing your alarm in bed this morning? Highly likely! How many videos did you watch? We don’t know about you but we must of watched at least 10, they are taking over people’s moaning status’ about boyfriend dramas or how much they need a holiday and we love it. There is snapchat where you can share your ugly #sweatyface gym selfie because it disappears, there’s Vine where you can post short and sometimes hilarious videos of your friends after a few drinks and then there’s our personal favourite – Periscope which we mentioned earlier. On Periscope you press play and start live streaming wherever you are; at a concert, with friends, on holiday, anywhere. It’s great for giving people an insight into something. So for the industry we’re in its perfect for live streaming the entertainment at our events, so for Scouting for Girls and Tom Chaplin from Keane next week at ‘An Evening with the Stars’ – we’ll be officially setting up our own Paragon account this week, so keep posted. Just to give you a statistic in case you’re not convinced yet, video is shared 1200% more times than anything else and video consumption will be over 70% by 2019 so key tip – don’t ignore it and LONG LIVE VIDEO!

Let’s talk #Instagram… Did you know that an Instagram post generates 58 times more engagement per follower than Facebook? We didn’t, but it makes sense really people tend to prefer visual to written and Instagram is pretty much solely visual excluding the comments about the image. It also generates 120 times more engagement on Twitter. Madness! And the best thing is it now has video which links in with our point above. Pictures/videos of events, your office, your employees is a great way for your audience to ‘get to know you’ and to see that your company is not just a name and that you have a personality. If you haven’t already got an account, get organised and get it quick before you miss the boat.

After deciding which social networks will be your main focus, set some goals, short term and long term, a strategy, understand your audience, are they using the social networks you’ve picked, is your content engaging, interesting and relevant, are you tweeting, sharing posting at the right times of the day and are you shareable? Think about it and plan correctly to get the best out of what you’re doing and to make sure your time is not wasted.

So after reading about the ride or die that is social media you will have come to the conclusion that it is now super mainstream and everyone is doing it so make sure you’re not left behind and get engaging today. Do it properly and it can have an explosive effect on your customer service ratings and bottom line.

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Written By Tom