Simon Lazenby laughing
31 May 2019

Spotted! F1 Stars at Monaco

The Monaco Grand Prix weekend is a pretty special occasion by any standards.

Put that together with one-on-one’s, Q&As and partying with true F1 sporting legends and you’re on to a real winner.

Take a look below for our team’s snapshot on how our F1 celebrities made the weekend truly unforgettable.

Simon Lazenby

Simon Lazenby
Sky Sport’s Lead F1 Presenter

Sky Sport’s F1 presenter, Simon Lazenby, is a firm favourite at Paragon events, also hosting our driving experience days in London. He dropped in to say hello at our Friday Superyacht Party!

Memorable Moment:

“All of it! Everything was just really chill… he admired my suit (check out Instagram!), and then everyone gathered round whilst he and Paul [di Resta] spoke about the upcoming race. The usual driver Vs car debate sparked some interesting chat, as a lot of our guests are real F1 enthusiasts, as did talking about the struggles Williams are having at the moment. They’re such a big part of F1’s history and I think we all want them to pull through.

He and Paul [di Resta] also sang happy birthday to one of our guests!!”

Paul di Resta
Paul di Resta
Former Formula 1 Driver

On Sunday Paul joined Vicky Gomersall at our Race Day Hospitality for a pre-race Q&A. Never one to miss a party, he also swung by our Superyacht Party for a couple of hours on Friday evening.

Memorable Moment:

“My favourite bit of Friday was where Paul started telling us about what it’s like to actually be on the track in Monaco. He was saying that Monaco is one of the toughest tracks out there for the drivers, because those corners are so tight. You’re going so fast, that you have to start making adjustments for the next section, before you can even see it… knowing little insights like that made watching the race even more intense!”

Allan McNish
Former Formula 1 Driver

Allan joined us on the Paragon Superyacht for Race Day.

Memorable Moment:

“When Allan first joined us on board on Sunday! It was still early and I think people were still recovering from the previous day’s entertainment, so it was a really intimate group on the yacht. Personally, I’m much more about the atmosphere at Monaco, but it was a super to see the guests get to spend some one on one time with one of their heroes.

I managed to snap a pic of him showing how close to the ground the drivers really got…”

Vicky Gomersall
Sky Sport’s News Presenter

Vicky hosted the Paragon’s Sunday Hospitality at Monaco, the Monaco Drivers Club.

Memorable Moment:

“Hearing Vicky talk about the legendary late Niki Lauda. It was a sombre note after a weekend of such highs, but given where we were and the amount of love the room held for the F1, it was needed. Vicky is an incredible host and spoke brilliantly.”

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Written By Katie Rogerson