Monaco Racing Grand Prix With A Crowd
23 March 2018

Start Your Engines!  Formula 1 2018 has arrived

Drivers announced? ✅

Cars revealed? ✅

Testing done?✅

Inevitable speculation about competitiveness of Ferrari? ✅

Cars, drivers and teams in Melbourne ready to open the 2018 season? ✅

The annual pre-requisites have been fulfilled and finally we’re in Melbourne ready for the curtain-raiser to the 2018 Formula 1 World Championship.  The anticipation for this season is as keen and vibrant as any I can remember.  Last year there were several rule-changes that boosted overtaking and competitiveness, but two-thirds of the way through the season it was already a one-horse race to the finish.

This year – underlined by the first practice sessions of the Australian Grand Prix – the Ferraris and Red Bulls look genuinely competitive with the all-powerful Mercedes.

Also making fans salivate is the continuing battle between Sebastian Vettel and Lewis Hamilton.  Both locked on 4 Drivers’ World Championships, this is a battle beyond just another F1 title: as the BBC put it “the battle to be the driver of a generation”.  It is every bit as intriguing as the fight between Alain Prost and Hamilton’s hero, Ayrton Senna, a generation ago.

This is the year for Monaco!

We’ve been taking guests out to the Monaco Grand Prix to enjoy Formula 1 hospitality for 16 years, and as such are one of the most experienced operators on the market, offering a variety of hospitality options as well as travel, accommodation, restaurant bookings and parties.

Traditionally, we’ve concentrated on the high-rise balconies for bird’s-eye vantage points over the track, and we can still provide these for you .  However, this year, we are delighted to be operating our very own luxury trackside super yacht hospitality. This is the ultimate in luxury and the quintessential Monaco Grand Prix experience.  And as we’re running the whole yacht, there’s a welcome party on Friday night, viewing and hospitality on Saturday and Sunday, as well as an opportunity to stay for the weekend in our onboard cabins, and even hire the boat as your own private space for a Michelin-starred dinner, casino or party.

With the battle of a generation going on at the front of the grid and the party of a lifetime happening off the track, there’s never been a better time to be coming along to the Monaco Grand Prix.

Written By Richard Gillham