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Paragon have been sourcing and managing talent since 2001. Our talent roster features some of the biggest names within the world of sport and entertainment, including former England Captain’s Sir Alastair Cook and Andrew Strauss!

As well as Paragon’s own talent, nearly two decades of working in the sports, broadcasting and events circles mean we also have access to hundreds of other well-known motivational speakers, celebrity hosts and entertainment acts.

At Paragon, we pride ourselves on being able to source the perfect talent match to your event; whoever you are looking to book for your next event or campaign, our remit is to ensure we present the right partnership for both our talent and your business.

Throughout the lifecycle of the event, our team will work with you to ensure that your talent booking understands your ethos, fits your culture and embodies your values.

Paragon can support:

      • Speaker Opportunities
      • Award Presentation Hosting
      • Brand Endorsements
      • Private Event Bookings

If you’re searching for an ambassador, Paragon can support you with:

          • 1. Press and media days set up with the talent to promote the brand
          • 2. Launch events to attract the most publicity to attend
          • 3. Sourcing branded memorabilia and goodie bags
          • 4. Fronting PR and advertising campaigns – TV, radio, print, online, social media
          • 5. Brand and product endorsement, and brand ambassador roles through usage
          • 6. Client entertaining events:
            private dinners, golf days, experiences with the talent, guest speaking and more
          • 7. Staff incentive days:
            conferences, office visits, competitions to spend time with the talent and more

What Our Clients Say
“Thanks to Ed’s contribution the campaign was a great success. Over 15M+ views of all content online. A significant increase in engagement. Overwhelmingly positive sentiment, comments, shares etc. Happy Budweiser!” Budweiser

“Phil did such a great job last year that they would like a repeat performance next year at the same venue!” ‘Elite Player Commercial Partner Benefits’