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25 February 2016

Technology in Sport

Technology is one of the most important things in the world, and it is now one of the most important things in sport. It’s already used in sports such as cricket, tennis and rugby to make sure that the right decision is made, as well as incidents that the officials miss. But why don’t other sports take the same route when it seems to work?

The world is constantly changing, especially in sport and the use of technology is one of those areas that is having an impact on many sports in the modern day. There are many benefits to the use of technology as some people will begin to enjoy spectating as much as they already do because the correct decisions will be made more frequently. Many football fans will be in favour as they remember THAT goal Frank Lampard scored against Germany in the 2010 World Cup that wasn’t given.

However, to every positive there’s a negative as the use of technology is time-consuming. It is very stop-start and some supporters may prefer a free flowing game and the controversy of the wrong or right decisions and the consequences they may have towards the outcome of the game.

One of the most positive uses of technology is within tennis. It is now common knowledge that at a major tournament a review system is in place, with the two players having the power to challenge a decision they do not feel is correct. However, technology is not all about decision making, it can also improve athletic performance and enable athletes to perform at their absolute best.

During the London Olympics, the athletics track had small rubber granules placed within it to give a small cushion to the athletes when they run, which in turn enabled the athletes to sprint quicker due to the reduced pressure felt by the athlete on their feet.

Olympic swimming pools are now designed in such a way to reduce drag from ripples and waves that slow professional swimmers down. All of this new technology is beneficial to athletes as it is enhancing the quality in their performances. For the runners and swimmers in the Olympics, the new technology is enabling them to beat their personal bests and gain better times.

But some will say that this may be unfair. As younger athletes at grass root level will not have these benefits from the technology and might therefore never make it because the standard and quality is increasing at the professional level, so only the very few top performers at grass root level will have a chance, which leaves very few opportunities for the rest.

As different sports grow so will the technology and who knows what will be possible in years to come?


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Written By Tom