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23 June 2015

The Rise of European Festivals

As the festival season kicks off with Glastonbury starting this week as well as Electric Castle Festival in Romania, Flow Festival in Ljubljana, Roskilde in Denmark and the popular Hideout Festival in Croatia, it has become apparent that festival-goers are searching further afield for their festival experience. Festival Insights found that 39% of festival-goers are attending a festival outside the UK.

When looking into it, it’s clear that European festivals are more cost effective. However people maybe put off when considering the flight and ticket price, forgetting that travelling within the UK can work out just as costly as going abroad! Nowadays people are trying to save money and trying to choose between enjoying a summer getaway or attending a music festival. Why not consider combining the two!?

Many European festivals are for a longer time than in the UK and are therefore more cost effective per day. The average ticket for Reading Festival works out at £205 for 3 days whereas Hideout Festival in Croatia is only £129 and lasts 5 days!

Taking this into account, adding the flight price to the festival ticket works out to be more expensive then staying in the UK, however people are now extending their stay abroad therefore getting more value for their money eliminating the need to go on a separate summer holiday. In addition to this (travel companies) are now providing all-inclusive travel packages which simplify the process of booking these trips. It has also been noted that ticket prices for UK festivals have been increasing over the years.

A review of the long-running UK festivals reveal that ticket prices have increased by over 100% in the past decade. The soaring price could be due to the rising cost of attracting performers as well as higher production costs, as audiences demand more professional sets/shows.

In 2014 acts such as Lily Allen and Skillrex performed at both Sziget Festival within Hungary, which cost £136 for a 5-day pass, and Glastonbury which cost £125.

Market research shows that more than half of those travelling abroad for a festival did so because of the price of the tickets within the UK, and due to the better weather abroad.

In 2013 of festival-goers who went abroad, 46% suggested that they wanted a holiday as well as enjoying the festival and 14% stated that “wet and muddy conditions” were their biggest gripe.

It is evident that UK festival organisers will need to continue to differentiate their festivals and add value to the festival- goers experience. Although many would argue they already are. Watch this space…

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Written By Tom