throwback thursday, where it all began
6 August 2015

Throwback Thursday: Where it all began

It’s our final feature in the Throwback Thursday series and it’s a good one, we’ve saved the best until last. This week we’re throwing it back to the very beginning, to where Paragon officially began.

It started at the Landmark Hotel, Mayfair London in approximately May 2000 where our MD and Founder, Mike Martin met with Phil Tufnell’s brother, Greg Tufnell. Mike organised the Phil Tufnell Benefit Year a few years earlier with an Event Management company he worked for at the time and met Greg as he was on the committee and as they say the rest was history.

Our name hasn’t always been Paragon, when Mike and Greg first established the company, it was originally known as Heatfuel Ltd. All of this was on the quiet initially, as Mike was actually working elsewhere to start with. Several meetings followed to discuss how it would all work and the logistics, before they visited a bank manager in Henley on December 27th 2000 to ask for an overdraft. It helped that they found out early on that the manager was a keen cricket fan.

Following the meeting with the bank manager, they managed to set up their first office on the beautiful Kew Green. We say office, but what they really called it was the bunker! So as you can imagine it was underground, there weren’t any windows and it was approximately 150 sq ft small. It was all part of the fun.

Then in March 2001 they decided on the name Paragon which officially launched in May 2001. What an exciting journey we’ve had since then, the company has expanded to over 22 people, we have changed offices 4 times and added 3 new ‘service areas’, Hospitality & Events, Event Management and Brand Engagement as well as the original  Talent Management. We have worked with huge brands from BBC to QBE in over 25 countries. Take a look at some of Paragon’s statistics.

Written By Tom