Alcohol Mountain Christmas party entertainment ideas
18 October 2016

Top 5 Christmas Party Entertainment Options

Entertainment plays a big role in Christmas parties, and after you’ve done the hard work in finding the right venue, a strong lineup of things to do for guests needs to be in place in order to get attendees’ attention.

When selecting entertainment for your Christmas party, typically you will need to define its purpose. Do you want a surprise to welcome your guests? Something to take them out of their comfort zone? Entertainment that connects the company product/service? Or simply a new, fun and trending thing to do?

Read on for 5 top Christmas party entertainment options to upgrade your Christmas Party.

1) LED elves

These unique Elves will definitely get your guests attention. They can be used simply with a Christmas costume to zoom around, meet and greet or be part of a unique Wonderland performance which your marketing team can incorporate your company logo.


2) The wacky booth

Recording the moment is something that many guests and brands want to do. The wacky photo booth can definitely deliver this, and is very reasonably priced. It can engage guests with its many props that make for a memorable photos for guests to take away.


3) Live music performance

If your company requires sophisticated entertainment how about adding a Jazz duo to your lineup. Combine it with a champagne reception and it creates a great atmosphere to allow guests to enjoy the night.


4) Disco head dancers

Flash mob disco head dancers will certainly impress your guests and they can perform acts and get people onto the dance floor!


5) Tipsy fountain

A mojito or passion fruit martini fountain to decorate, entertain and constantly serve your guests during the night is something that definitely proves popular.



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Written By Tom