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28 September 2016

Tuffers on his favourite Tour

I was fortunate enough to go on a few overseas tours during my England career – some more successful than others I might say – on and off the field! One of the questions I often get asked is what was my favourite tour – and I would have to say without a doubt it was the West Indies.

They take their cricket seriously over there and their relaxing & partying even more seriously! I remember one game in Barbados the wind suddenly changed direction during a game all the “smoke” from the stands blew into the field; a few of the boys that were fielding nearest the stand had to have a bit of a lie down at lunch! Which wasn’t great as Brian Lara was batting at the time!

Speaking of which on that tour I had the pleasure of bowling at Mr Lara during his world record score….for two and a half days! Brian though was a sociable guy and he invited the bowlers he scored his world record against the next week to his new villa the government gave him in recognition of his world record. He took us around the villa for a guided tour and he said he had named all the rooms after the bowlers – “Guys” he said – “here’s the Caddick Lounge….. The Gough Kitchen…. The Lewis Bedroom…..” I was anxiously wondering what the great man had given to me – “and finally guys – here’s the Tufnell Toilet”!.. Shows what he thought of my bowling I guess although I remember another great – Sachin Tendulkar – after scoring yet another hundred against us actually thanked me for bowling at him!

To be fair though, bowling at those guys wasn’t the biggest challenge I’d ever had in life – that was dancing on Strictly on live TV in front of millions. Now I’ve hit the dancefloor at a few bars before – but it’s fair to say I wasn’t one of nature’s best ballroom dancers; my partner Katia actually described dancing with me as like dancing with a broken chair!

Anyway- that’s about enough from me before I get myself into trouble with other stories! You can hear a few more by getting along to our fantastic Sporting Legends Go Racing Lunch in March; me and my mates – Rugby legend Lewis Moody and football legend Paul Merson will be having a fantastic afternoon telling a few stories and cheering on a few winners on a live screening of races from the Cheltenham Gold Cup – all in the heart of London at the Grange St. Paul’s hotel – will be great fun. See you there I hope!


Written By Phil Tufnell