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30 June 2015

What does “One Live Partner” mean?

As I am sure you have all now read/seen/heard Paragon have become their client’s “ONE LIVE PARTNER” but what does this mean?

Contrary to some people’s pronunciation (and quite rightly so) it is said LIVE (as in a spark or electricity) not live as in a living thing. We operate in all things LIVE. Not answered your question, let’s give it a go.

We believe nothing beats getting people together – more business is done, more relationships are built and people understand your brand better when everybody physically gets together.

Everything we do at Paragon revolves around creating a Live experience and making sure that we know if it has worked and done what it needed to do for our clients.

  • Need to entertain clients or staff and build relationships – we know what works
  • Need to create an event or incentive to reward staff, launch a new product, put on a conference or dinner, inform the internal or external world of something new – it’s what we do
  • Need to create an experiential strategy or look at what to sponsor and how to bring it to life – we make it matter
  • Need an athlete or broadcast personality to help bring your brand to life – it’s what we do.

Everything we do is Live, but, we also make sure that what we do can create content and experiences that can transfer into the wonderful digital and social world in which we live.


Our logo was born out of our one live partner concept. As you can see we have a coloured “marque” above our logo. This was created by bringing the 4 triangle white spaces from our name together as one. It works because we have 4 areas of the business; Hospitality & Events, Event Management, Talent Management and Brand Engagement which we made separate colours. They then combine with a reflection to represent a spark and all things live in the top corner. Thus our new look and feel was born.

We hope you like it and we hope you understand more about Paragon, your one live partner.

Written By Tom